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Adriana Rozen On the way

Adriana Rozen studied graphic design at the “Taller Cinco” institute for science and art in Bogotá, Colombia. At the same time she was a student at the faculty for film and photography of the technical university “Unitec”, where she studied visual communication and journalism. In the course of her studies, she met journalists who were later to play an important role in her professional development.

She then started working in the film industry, where she was involved in the production of television documentaries. Her true vocation, she gradually discovered, was the production of photographic reports on countries like Colombia and Israel. Adriana Rozen's career has by now covered thousands of kilometres that are reflected in numerous travel diaries on South America, Israel and Europe.

She is attracted by contrasts: she seeks both emptiness and fullness, the intimate and the mysterious, and at the same time what is public and highly visible. She likes contrasting landscapes: silent as the desert or pulsating with impressions like a teeming metropolis.

Her work is inspired by the manifold expressions of the individual; it is the personality of her subjects, be they prominent or obscure, that breathes life into her portraits.

She explores the circumstances of the people she interviews for her journalistic work in an effort to gain an individual and diverse impression. This is a living process in which every individual is his or her own performer.

Day after day she explored the south of Israel. She listened to the many anecdotes people told her, especially about those living as men during the day and as women after nightfall.

rozen fotografie

She picked up the stories and sought and found ways of portraying the identity and personalities of her subjects in a manner at once respectful and realistic.

Many of her photos show day-to-day life; others depict war. Places of silence – tourist attractions – holy places – war zones. Living, surviving.

Moments captured forever and at the same time awakened to life by the camera. For Adriana Rozen, photography is a unique way of reflecting our own and other societies, a reflection of people living in a great variety of living conditions and cultures, a reflection of their souls, their fears, but also their dreams.

"What I photograph is what I see and what I have dreamed of."

Ha kol katuv baenaim.